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Kaosis' Sophomore Release.

KAOSIS had recently returned from a highly successful tour of Japan when the pandemic struck. They had been touring the tracks off their debut full album release for nearly two years and embraced the lockdown as a chance to write some new material. 

XEN, the band's lead singer and producer, wanted to depart from the metal-step sound that the band had sledgehammered audiences with across NZ, AUS, and Japan. He was looking to explore his nu-metal and industrial roots and introduce larger dynamics and melodic vocals to the band's unparalleled live show.

"HITECH LOWLIFE is like a shot of adrenalin. It is a relentless album that forces the audience to pay attention but now we have your attention, we want to show you what else we are capable of". - Xen

Xen was set to incorporate nu-metal with modern EDM sound-sculpting techniques to re-invigorate the era of metal he had loved as a teenager. In his mind what better way to do that than to work with the creators of nu-metal themselves? Xen was no stranger to working with industry godheads, having previously co-written the single HITECH LOWLIFE with industrial kingpin, DINO CAZARES.

In order to hybridize these two musical cornerstones seamlessly, Xen bought in JEREMIAH STRATTON (AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE + HEDPE drums) and PEREDUR AP GWYNEDD (PENDULUM guitars). These two major contributors kept the songwriting in line with Xen's directive of weaving the sonics of electronic music with the song structures and arrangements of modern metal.  

Once the initial songs were written and the musical bones were there, Xen reached out to various world-class musicians he had met over the years or who had inspired his early love of metal and pitched various collaborative ideas.


The results are something that has not been seen since the fabled ROAD RUNNER UNITED 25th-anniversary album, THE ALLSTAR SESSIONS. Albeit, the major difference is that this was produced by an independent producer in the darkest recesses of the Southern Hemisphere during a global pandemic. 

"All of these legends have played a significant role in not only shaping me as a musician and producer but the entire state of the metal universe as we know it." - Xen

The record's title, "WE ARE THE FUTURE", is a bold statement. Kaosis have a humbled respect for the senators of the sound they have built their new record on but they have embraced all the modern production tools they have at their disposal to create a vibrant and engaging new take on heavy metal. 

"You can't be part of the future without having a past. Kaosis has always focused on progress through evolving our sound and embracing technology" - DJINNOBI (Kaosis Guitarist)

Kaosis also worked with some hugely influential studio personnel on We are the Future. The amp engineering was handled by LOGAN MADER (ex MACHINEHEAD/ SOULFLY). Logan has worked extensively with 5FDP, GOJIRA and FEAR FACTORY. Mader played a dominant role in keeping the overall guitar tones authentic to the BURN MY EYES era of


The cinematic samples were produced by the world-renowned BOOM Library team members of SEBASTIAN JOHNSON (DARK KNIGHT, GODZILLA, PACIFIC RIM and PROMETHESIS) and MICHAEL SCHWENDLER (MORTAL KOMBAT X and ELDER SCROLLS).

We are the Future was Mastered by HOWIE WEINBERG. Weinberg has 21 Grammys to his name and has mastered the biggest names in metal and rock including NIRVANAs' Nevermind, DEFTONES' White Pony, METALLICAs' Master of Puppets, SLAYERs Reign in Blood, PANTERAs Cowboys from Hell and LIMP BIZKITs Significant Other.

WE ARE THE FUTURE promo begins in June 23.

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