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 "Breaking The Fallen" has all the makings of yesteryear's nü-metal, including angular riffing and rapped vocals alongside an overtly "futuristic" music video. If you're pining for the late 90s or early 2000s this morning, this is for you." - Greg Kennelty (Metal Injection)

"Breaking The Fallen" is a progressive nu-metal track that features Anders delivering gut-wrenching gutturals and an empowering spoken-word bridge section while Nothing delivers a soaring call-and-response chorus with his trademark melodic aggression". - Blabbermouth

“This band is like nothing else. Like no one else. Like pure magic. They took my breath away. An eclectic mix of genres blended with musicians and performers who were clearly born to be in the spotlight and perform for the masses, they stole the show.”

— Shannon-Lee Sloane (GClive)

“As sporadic lights and eerie screams filled the air the band walked off single file, parting the audience as they left, and with X3N promising this is just the beginning of their worldwide assault one can only wonder how close to fulfilling that mission Kaosis will go. My money is on a successful mission.”

— Kris Peters (Heavy Mag)

“Kaosis are a true force to be reckoned with.Their live show is interactive, fun and heavy as all hell. They will blow your mind!”

— Nev Pearce (Ever Black Media)

“A pure molten lava blend of genres and this band is best experienced live. Mind blown.”

— Karen Andrews (MMK Music Promotion)

“Kaosis are always energised and are bent on dominating every stage. They grab bulls by the horns and thrash along with the madness, blending the heaviest of electronic beats, provocative lyrics and unrelenting barrages of guitar riffs. This is one act guaranteed to not just turn heads, but make them bang and bang hard. ”

— Steve Shyu (

“Highly skilled & talented would be an understatement of what these Magnificent bunch of Musicians are capable of! They have the crowd in awe & wanting MORE! This was pure brilliance put together from the finest entertainers in the world ~ they’re called KAOSIS! ”

— Vamp Barbie - Vamped Up

“I was not prepared for the energy that these folks brought. I marvelled at their stagecraft and their dynamic sound. They got the house by the scruff of the neck… and spanked it. I was reminded of a Marilyn Manson lyric – “if you’re not dancin’ , then you’re dead”. That is what this band inspired – losing yourself in their music.”

— Greg Noble - Noise Pollution

“Kaosis were a damn frantic explosion of energy. Blew Crowbar Brisbane apart! Amazing! ”

— Trace McLean Photography

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